My Heart

“How much do you love me?”
“More than you could imagine.”
“Even if I’m a heartless bitch sometimes?”
“I always forgive you.”
“It’s only because I haven’t found the right heart yet.”
“Well, now you have me.”
“You’re right. Your heart should last me a long time.”
“Nothing. Go back to sleep, Mi Corazon.”


Growing Up

The young woman brushes a blonde curl from the doll’s face before placing it in the display case.
“I love you, Dolly,” she says as she pulls the doll’s string.
“I love you,” Dolly replies.
“Goodbye, Dolly,” the woman says as she leaves the darkened store.
Dolly giggles, “You’re never too old for Dolly.”

As the Sand Falls

I watch the sand trickle softly downwards. “So I’m really going to die?”
“Uh-huh.” The cloaked man in the corner said absently, looking at the knick-knacks on my library shelves.
“This is the part when you tell me you’re kidding.”
“Really? Sorry, I’m unversed in mortal slang.” Death said, taking the hourglass. “Well, let’s go.”